Saturday, April 24, 2010

It Will Stand by The Showmen

After a recent trip to Memphis, my love of R&B and Soul music has been opened up again, and so I wanted to start this blog in an attempt to spread the word about some of these great songs and groups. I named the site after a song by The Showmen, and so how could I not start out with their hit single from 1961, It Will Stand.

The Showmen were a New Orleans based group that hailed from Norfolk, Virgina, but I know them because of their connection to Carolina Beach music. Both It Will Stand and their single 39-21-40 Shape are classics of the sub-genre. It Will Stand is an anthemic song with a great beat, and I think it about covers the kind and style of music that I'll be talking about here. Of course, anyone who knows my movie blog can tell you that I like a wide variety of films, and my love of music is no different. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the first track.

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